Sprache / language

blue fingers

natives, relics (Overijssel)

fictitious contemporary archaeology


• inheems, relicten (Overijssel)
• Eingeborene, Relikte (Overijssel)

• natives, relics (Overijssel)

excavation site:
52° 30' N
6° 5' 39 O

Corona regulations and hygiene rules apply to the exhibition. Works may only be viewed through display windows.


In the project ›BLIKveld 4D Kunst en Historie‹, 25 artists research the history of the province Overijssel, Netherlands.
The results of their research will be shown at the old railway station building of Delden.
khm draws on the tale from the local history of Zwolle about the ›Blauwvingers‹.

khm shows an object case
from 26.03. to 16.04.2021
im Perron 1, Stationsweg 1/5, Delden, Netherland

Organisation: www.mikc.eu