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Don't look! (en)

'Don't look!' is on view.

A video-loop within the presentation of  'Buiten Bioskoop' ('open-air cinema').
From 22.12.2011 to 15.1.2012, daily from 2 to 10 pm, at the art space 'Het-Loket', Delden, NL, Stationsweg 1

Eyes, operations on the open eye, manipulations of the process of seeing. A projection confusing the senses is whirling in the room, distorted by rotating optics.


In the exhibition, projections by video artists Wouter Lancee, Hong Xi Guo and Karl-Heinz Mauermann are beamed into the growing external dark from inside the former station building. The interior, with works by Fumiko Kobayashi, ad hoc collectief, Philip Ultee, Bert Meinen, Sukuyun Yang, Insook Ju und Thomas Gerhards, is open to the public on work days.

In 2008 at the same site the exhibition living had been shown.
Karl-Heinz Mauermann showed look-out / uitkijk.

In 2009 at the same site the exhibition neighbours had been shown.
Karl-Heinz Mauermann showed curious stories to tell