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look-out / uitkijk


It is one of the cultural characteristics of the Netherlands to dispense with curtains, which in other cultures are often considered indispensable, thus leaving rooms facing the street exposed to view, defenceless. Cultural scientists argue a Calvinist background for this, with the intention of proving that there wasn't anything to conceal, in that particular household. According to different opinions the custom allowed for displaying ones property.

The artist group MIKC, using the former Delden stadhuis as an exhibition site, had issued an international invitation to engage with this open-ness of Dutch living-rooms.  From 15.12.2008 to 9.1.2009, daily from 5 to 8.30 pm, under cover of dusk, shelter of night and the title of buiten bioscoop / living, rooms created by artists were exposed to view.


Karl-Heinz Mauermann erstellte die Videoinstallation ausblick / look-out / uitkijk. Diese zeigt Augen, die den voyeuristischen Blick der Zuschauer umkehren. Und die Blicke, die da herausgeworfen werden, sind merkwürdig - auf den zweiten Blick.


Foto auf der Einladungskarte: khm

In 2009 at the same site the exhibition neighbours had been shown.
Karl-Heinz Mauermann showed curious stories to tell

In 2011 at the same site the exhibition buiten bioscoop had been shown.
Karl-Heinz Mauermann showed Don't look!