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Natural Science Collection

Natural Science Collection


Natural Science Collection guesting at Berliner Kunstverein

Opening: 23  April 2017, KUBIG400, Grugapark Essen, 2 p.m.

within the series Festival<<>> Adapter

The BERLINER KUNSTVEREIN is an institution dedicated to the promotion of a sociological discourse with regard to contemporary art positions. It is a project by artist Ruppe Koselleck. Literally speaking, the Small House of the Berlin Art Club is also its most beautiful room! It is the only variable exhibition room at the Polly Pocket Museum of Modern Art. Its special format and the fact that it is a permanently visited exhibition guarantee its invincibility. No matter which time – there’s always someone there, viewing the exhibition.

In this exhibition, Karl-Heinz Mauermann focusses on the thrilling connection between visual arts and natural history. Within a tiny space he assembles exhibits out of mineralogy, flora and fauna and thus reflects the origins of contemporary museums. Since the baroque period objects of divers extraction have been presented side by side in cabinets of wonders and chambers of rarities

Mauermann’s exhibition shows a extract of cultural history. At the same time his subject is the horror that may be gripping the audience face to face with an alien nature.

Kurator und Künstler waren sich einig, daß es keinen geeigneteren Ort zur Eröffnung einer solchen Ausstellung geben könne als den Streichelzoo im Gruga-Park der Stadt Essen. Der KUBIG 400, Ort für experimentelle Kulturprojekte, und die dort etablierte Reihe 'Festival<<>> Adapter' als Kooperationspartner zeigen die Ausstellung bis zum 27. Mai, bevor sie mit Ruppe Koselleck als Wechselausstellung wieder auf Tour geht. Weitere Ausstellungsorte waren bisher Münster, Osnabrück. Weitere werden folgen.




Fotos Vernissage: Simon Jost