Sprache / language

design of a [raumzeitmaschine]



First preliminary work dates as far back as undergraduate days. Karl-Heinz Mauermann starts filling small-scale black copybooks, with titles like 'Augen Leiden' (Eyes Suffer), 'Die Helferin des Chirurgen' (The Surgeon's Helper), or 'Leder- und Gummistricke' (Leather and Rubber Ropes). Each one of these introduced a theory or solves a problem. Their claim is encyclopaedic. Once the collection is complete, the whole world will be explained with the aid of these copybooks.

During the course of the work it becomes clear how little is gained by merely explaining and solving problems. Mauermann decided to build a complete model of the world. It is to be in full scale. First sketches. Parts of machines, video studies and sections of models are constructed.

The model is to be as precise as possible. To this end, the usefulness of a [raumzeitmaschine] became apparent. With its help, all possible sites and conditions of time in the world may be accessed for the purpose of observation and evaluation. Apart from design sketches on paper, wooden models and a series of relay stations for the collection of space/time data, Mauermann develops a three-dimensional computer simulation, in which visitors may move from room to room.

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