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freedom: sky / earth / hell

Kinetic object,
rotating cylinder with three panoramas inside cardboard box, surface covered in metal effect varnish,
68 x 86 x 170 cm
Exhibition: Essen kauft Kunst (Essen buys Art),
Museum Folkwang Essen,
April 2000


in this context the interactive 360° panorama:



freedom: sky / earth / hell

"Freiheit", "Freedom", is the name of the space behind Essen's central railway station.
Here, great energy companies, like RWE or EVONIK (formerly Ruhrkohle AG), are residing.
Freiheit: Himmel / Erde / Hölle shows a panorama view of the "Freiheit"
including a view of the sky, one above ground and a series of portrait photographs of miners.