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Kafka Project

Apart from mobile relay stations, Karl-Heinz Mauermann also constructs stationary models. These are basically devoted to the same purpose, namely the collection of space-time-co-ordinates and the visualisation of conditions of the world. Depending on their construction, some of the relay stations are also capapble of collecting  social, socio-economic and psycho-social informationen. The relay stations themselves do not evaluate any data, but relay them to central computing units, also developed by Mauermann.

By means of the relay stations a data bank is being established, whose ultimate purpose is the navigation of the [raumzeitmaschine]. The larger the volume of space-time-co-ordinates available in the data bank, the greater the precision in navigating the [raumzeitmaschine].

For a Kafka Project by Cologne artist group 68elf Mauermann develops a wall mounted relay station capable of surveying spaces.

In October 2012 this is installed in Städtische Galerie Mennonitenkirche, Neuwied, and in March 2013 in Städtisches Museum Köln, Zündorfer Wehrturm (fig. above).