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achtung! future! (en)

concert for laptop-computer

by Frank Niehusmann

with video-work

by Karl-Heinz Mauermann    

Karl-Heinz Mauermann - khm - altes auge

achtung! future! is a group of works by duo khmfn, developed for laptop computer and video projection.

achtung! future! consists of fifteen titles denoting aspects, situations or places situated in the future.

· fuel delivery, · sorter flow, · albatross bridge, · luggage scan, · dribbling security, · shipping area,
· departure section, · cleaning level, · surface modulator, · food marker, · tube control,
· offshore recording, · carrier surveillance, · assembly line, · ground analyzer, · image investigator.

Karl-Heinz Mauermann - khm - altes auge

In between titles, khmfn explain the future.

Regarding its stratum of sound, by sound artist Frank Niehusmann, the work may be termed a futuristic kind of "musique concrète": replete with historic machine-sounds, fabrication-sounds, synthetic robot signals, recordings of erveryday road traffic, and many more highly distorted sounds and noises of all kinds.

During live performance, several image levels are combined. To this end, concept and video artist Karl-Heinz Mauermann uses the anachronistic technique of analogous switch-over on stage. Pre-produced clips show eyes. Eyes of old people, eyes of children and teenagers. Eye operations. Artificial eyes. Distorted eyes. Eyes in movement. Another image level shows cities. Cities in aerial views. Cities where strange figures with square heads appear. These city images, in full view the audience, are filmed off paper prints and only manipulated through camera movements.

The performance develops its charm through this contrast between high-tech and the use of, apparently,  almost primitive, simple elements. The frequent ironic twists in the performance are a result of this combination. Lastly, this is also due, to a high degree, to another regularly introduced image level, which, however, shows nothing; it is black.




Apart from the live version of 'achtung! future! concert for laptop-computer with video-work' there exists a video version: 'achtung! future!'

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