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The calculation of a curve by means of the musculature of the leg

The structure of „Folkwang LABs“ is part of  the special profile and image of the Folkwang University of Arts. LABs are interdisciplinary projects characterised by co-operation with several, or at least two disciplines from within and without the university, on a local as well as international level.


Sub-graduates from different  faculties - dancers, musicians, composers, actors and a choreographer, together with external artists, developed a dance theatre extravaganza. The organisatorial structure of a FolkwangLab allowed for experimental work for a period of several months. Thus evolve

›Die Berechnung einer Kurve mit Hilfe der Beinmuskulatur – ein Gesellschaftsspiel‹.
›The calculation of a curve by means of the musculature of the leg - a social game‹.



The calculation of ...  Here artists literally pursue and follow the question of the relations between an individual and a group, an individual and society. Sensuously perceptible artistic actions and sounds evolved.
On the circular stage: playing children; interwoven knots of dancers; a short suquence from Lortzing's ›Regina‹, the only classial opera featuring revolutionary workers; artificial insects, live ants; acoustic feedback of dance movements - all in all, a challenge for the dancers as well as the audience.

An important part of the concept is the direct reaction to any given actions of/by any of the participants. Thus the dancers, through their movements, control the electronic music, the music controls the video images and the artists, throughout a great portion of the piece, improvise together. Input signals generated with hard- and software provided by ICEM (Institute for Computer Music and Elektronic Media) are used by Mauermann for his wide-screen  projections utilising pre-produced clips and live recordings of the dancers.


›The calculation of a curve by means of the musculature of the leg - a social game‹

Pina Bausch Theatre at the Folkwang University of Arts, 16.5.2014

withCéline Bellut, Manuel Lindner, Alexandra Llorens, Yves Ytier Miranda, Pablo Alejandro Russo, Charlotte Virgile (dance)
Emanuel Wittersheim (integrative composition)
Paul Fassbinder (lecture / vocals)
Karl-Heinz Mauermann (video)

Nico Kretz (sound director)
Sebastian Gisi (assistant producer)
Prof. Stephan Brinkmann (mentor)
Roman Pfeifer (mentor)
Darwin Diaz (workshop)

Concept and realisation
Tim Čečatka