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Die Flugpioniere (en)


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The Flight Pioneers

In the beginning there is a group planning a journey together. Possible destinations are Oslo, Madrid, Shanghai. Thus starts an absurd, fantastic journey through exotic landscapes, sewage systems and dreams

Subject of the performace is the story of a journey intended by a group of people, in the 1920s, 30s. Distant destinations like Shanghai spur on the adventurous spirit of the group. An almost surreal collage relates the maudlin ramifications of a journey based partly on memories and subconscious desires of the travellers, partly on real places and historical events. Post-war Vienna, backdrop to ’The Third Man’; Italy in the 1950s; the ’invasory biology’ of our own century. People from different cultures meet, clash, leave their traces. 

Text and image engineer Karl-Heinz Mauermann and musician Christoph Kammer with his bass viol, serpent and ’singing saw’ show a film performed live. 

In the inter-disciplinary multi-media project Die Flugpioniere/The Flight Pioneers, a musician and an image artist collaborate, with the aim of conjuring up, live for the eyes and ears of their audience, a universe of sound, images and words. There performance is based on one of the earliest formats of the classic medium of film, its performance accompanied by live music. This format, however, is imbedded in state-of-the-art multi-media technique.  Video and sound clips, as well as the live sequences produced by the duo, are being processed in real time, thus creating a comprehensive work of art with both artists playing with and against each other within their ten-piece score, repeatedly branching out in improvisation.

An entertaining programme, never too intellectual and theoretic, but full of wit and comical moments, although the occasionally rather black humour may strike the audience as extremely wicked.


First performance:
Lichtburg, Filmbar, 28.6.2013, 11 pm



Flottmannhallen, Herne, 19.3.2013, 8 pm


Condor Version
Kunsthaus Essen, 10.11.2013, 20.00 8 pm