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engines - a radio play

Motors are rumblings, rammers are thundering.
Sounds from the region of mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics.

Text and conzeption: Karl-Heinz Mauermann / sound and conzeption: Frank Niehusmann

Frank Niehusmann on the control desk


first broadcast:

engines: a radio play
at resonance 104,4fm
 - London‘s first radio art station
October 31st, 2003 (7.00 to 8.30 pm):

engines: a radio play
- a special radio version 
of "engine room"

featuring the voice of Rolf Dennemann /
appear live 
on air



German version

im Deutschlandradio Kultur
Maschinen - ein Hörspiel



Phonurgia Nova 2006

sound is art)))

Karl-Heinz Mauermann and Frank Niehusmann
were awarded the PHONURGIA NOVA prize 2006
in the Radio Art section for their work
"Maschinen - ein Hörspiel".

(They share this Prize with Hanna Hartman, author of "Longitude 013°26'E".)
"The Loud-speaker is probably the greatest common denominator in all our lives today. Video, multimedia, car radios, mobile phones are all crafting a new life for sound. In all domains sound is an objet of research, of reflexion.
It is essential to open up creative, imaginative spaces for sound.
And to encourage people to listen."

Christian Leblé.
PHONURGIA NOVA was set up in 1986 under the impetus of Pierre Schaeffer, co-creator of 'musique concrete', and is chaired since 1998 by Dominique Fargeot. PHONURGIA NOVA, whose name derives from the 17th century book by the German Jesuit Athanasius Kircher, is a non-profit trust based in the French City of Arles. Its main activity is the promotion of sound art and creativity in radio.
The winner-pieces will be presented at IRCAM/Centre Pompidou the 16th of January at 7 pm as part of a retrospective of PHONURGIA NOVA.


DEGEM / webradio

Woche 15 - 20 / 06.04. - 17.05.09

Maschinen - ein Hörspiel
Von Frank Niehusmann und Karl-Heinz Mauermann

Motors are rumblings, rammers are thundering, electric signals accompany sounds from the region of mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics. This symphonical sound space condensed by Frank Niehusmann is intermingled with text fragments by Karl-Heinz Mauermann. Grim engine haters have their turn as well as emphatically optimistic futurists. A narrative about an almost extinct era of noisy machinery, as well as new and quite different kinds of engines.  All sounds are original recordings from the 20th century. Although some of them are already extinct, and the last-generation machines turned into scrap, the spirits of "our" machines are haunting us yet.

Composition and realisation: Frank Niehusmann
Text and realisation: Karl-Heinz Mauermann
Speaker: Rolf Dennemann
Production: Autorenproduktion 2004
Length: 52 minutes

DEGEM: webradio / Internetstream: here