Sprache / language

hearing voices and the borders of insanity


khm + Florian Walter

Voices, voices everywhere. And sounds: quiet breathing and the low clicking of a saxophone key. Then again voices, roaring, shouting, inferno. The art of loud sound. The art of barely perceptible sound. Florian Walter and Karl-Heinz Mauermann looking for whatever they can find - in their own heads, in their performance space, in the world.

The result of their search is presented in their programme: Hearing Voices and the Borders of Insanity.

Florian Walter plays with his saxophone.
Karl-Heinz Mauermann articulates.





Het Loket, Delden, 15.12.2013

khm + Florian Walter present a performance with flotsam from the world, on the occasion of the opening of an exhibition
'Het Wilde Oog'.



Bookshop Proust, Kulturpfadfest 2014, Essen