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[raumzeitmaschine] (time space machine) is a symphonic-visual maneuvre full of fantastic live video sequences and computer sounds by khmfn, the artists duo Karl-Heinz Mauermann and Frank Niehusmann. [raumzeitmaschine] features constellations and deep-space sounds, celestial assaillants and black holes: for khmfn practically (!) mere routine. Wide-screen projections show perplexing perspectives from the edges of the illuminated word - and from the depths of the sound system subharmonic frequences of unreliable signals are sounded But the artificial intelligence of the two celestial mechanics is consistently tripped up by their control boards and rheostat circuits: space, time and consciousness are obviously inconceivable, in constant motion and, above all - relative ...



Fotos: Holger Krüssmann, Erwin Wiemer


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