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slow interaction [performance]

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An experiment: by manipulating the time-space-continuum khm will try to slow down saxophonist Florian Walter. There is the chance to attend in the experiment as participant observer.

A perfomance: in a sequence of pieces, Florian Walter and Karl-Heinz Mauermann are playing with, through, and in spite of time. Throughout, khm films, loops, cascades, hides and mixes movements, gesture and sounds played live by the musician.

A collision of worlds: time-warped levels meet; they interpenetrate and neutralise each other while contradicting reality. Sound and image crash into each other. What appears to be irreconcilable, remains irreconcilable! This, however, in  a most harmonious way – if one is susceptible to this kind of harmony. The musician turns actor, the video artist, instrumentalist. The audience remains in hyper-space. Where else?

What awaits you, are: sounds of supernatural beauty and irritating noises ensuing when past and future collide.* You will encounter images you’ve always known to exist, and optical impulses no visual centre in any known cerebrum whatsoever is able to process completely.


* »Mit knapp 30000 Stundenkilometern Geschwindigkeit über der Erde gehen ihre Uhren ein klein wenig langsamer als die Uhren auf der Erde. Deshalb sind sie [die Astronauten] nach einer zwölfmonatigen Mission in der Raumstation tatsächlich um den Bruchteil einer Sekunde in die Zukunft gereist, wenn sie wieder auf der Erde gelandet sind. Den Weltrekord für Reisen in die Zukunft hält augenblicklich der russische Kosmonaut Sergej Awdejew, der 748 Tage im Orbit war und daher um 0,02 Sekunden in die Zukunft geschleudert wurde.« Michio Kaku



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