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smash-up! Build-Up! - smash-up! Build-Up!

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KUBIG400 - the new name of the former library pavilion in Gruga park. The first part of the name derives from letters in the words Kulturbau im Grugapark (cultural building in Gruga park). The number is that of the cubic dimension of the building, roundabout 400 cubic metres.

One of the series of events is Cabinet<<>> Adapter. Within this new works of art are presented, such as combine visual with acoustic phenomena. For this purpose, KUBIG400 is an ideal space for experiments of all kinds and opens up new worlds of experience to visitors.

On 09.4.16, this series starts with smash-up! Build-Up!.


Fotos 1/2: Brigitte Gnaß, 3/4/5: Rebecca Schneider