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God thundered marvellously with his voice: great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend.
Job 37, 5

Karl-Heinz Mauermann: thunder

As part of the Kunsthaus spacesound orchestra, khm plays the thunder tube.

"Reading Leviticus" -
musically accompanied by a unique orchestral cast.

Kunsthaus Essen, 11.11.11, 21 Uhr

Text editor and reader: Frank Niehusmann
Music: Kunsthaus spacesound orchestra

"Reading Leviticus": a crude, fascinating text on the timeless issues of sex, money, power and God's chastisement of recalcitrant humanity

Thoroughly up-to-date and yet of timeless beauty - a must for all friends of the Old Testament, of splatter movies and experimental orchestral music.

The members of the Kunsthaus spacesound orchestra, about 30 in number and distributed in three rooms, anchored and commented in sounds and noises the enormous shallows and punchlines of the text. To be heard: the striking up of bass guitars, historic synthesizers and bandoneons, unusual types of bass-viols, rare alto-clarinets, unique hand-operated sound machines and wonderful human voices. Duration of the performance: 60 Minutes

"Reading Leviticus": contribution by Kunsthaus Essen to divers readings within "NRW Night of Libraries".