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brain shots / hungry eyes

khm shows his video brain shots / was einem durch den kopf schießt
at ›hungry eyes festival‹ in TRASH-Night,
07.02.2021, 8 pm.

Synopsis: A cross old man grumbles and prates about neighbours, country and people. He knows: Everything was better in the olden days. An English and German version of the video enhance each other and combine to a film that proves stupidity and loneliness to be international phenomena. The images used were derived from family albums, combined with found footage from archives.

›hungry eyes festival‹, an international festival at the crossroads of film, performance and installation, takes place from 5. – 7. February 2021.

On account of the persistent  seriousness of the general state of pandemic , cultural events are currently  restricted. This year, ›hungry eyes festival‹ cannot be staged according to plan at KiZ exhibition site, Gießen.

Consequently there has been evolved a version of the festival that will allow the audience, in this year, too, to experience ›hungry eyes festival‹ in various and sometimes experimental way – the only difference being the unimportance of the site of their living room, be it at Gießen’s Berlinerplatz, or at the antipodes.

On the Festival Website, under outreach program, you will get all information on the different formats accessible online. Also, all participating artists and their works will be introduced.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hungryeyesfestival
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hungryeyesfestival/
Telegram: t.me/hungryeyesfestival