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achtung! future! - a science fiction movie (en)


From their performance achtung! future! khmfn developed

achtung! future! - a science fiction movie


Three parts of the performance were specially compiled under the title of 'achtung! future! – a science fiction movie'. Here, too, there are different picture levels: grotesque film sequences of eyes are contrasted with self-contained image worlds: X-rays, tube systems flushed with liquids, airports. The irritating black and white images stand for hint at the 'real film' running in the minds of the audience.







first performance
within Kunstspur 2005, 24. und 25. September 2005, Essen, GER

at Festival
SoundImageSound VI, University of the Pacific, 2009-02-13, Stockton, California, USA  

achtung! future! - a science fiction movie has been selected for presentation at SoundImageSound VI. It’s a great piece and we are pleased to be able to include it.
Robert Coburn, artistic director,  SoundImageSound

The complete list of works selected for performance includes:
2BTextures, Elainie Lillios - Bonnie Mitchell / Sisyphe, Francis Dhomont - Inés Wickmann / achtung! future! - a science fiction movie, Frank Niehusmann - Karl-Heinz Mauermann / Amorphisms, Moon Young Ha - Dennis Miller / Liquid Amber, Maggi Payne / Dispersion, Samuel Van Ransbeeck / a sudden change in the consistency of snow, Peter V. Swendsen / Boop Boop Beep, David Morneau




achtung! future! - a science fiction movie
has been selected for presentation at

MANTIS FESTIVAL [spring 2010] Martin Harris Centre, University of Manchester, Great Britain

MANTIS (The Manchester Theatre in Sound) presents several concerts of electro-acoustic music each year, and aims to promote, disseminate and perform new works from composers based at The University of Manchester. Facilities at the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama allow, among other things, for the diffusion of work on a 40-loudspeaker sound system in a 350 seat concert hall. MANTIS has run the festival in co-partnership with organisations like Sonic Arts Network EXPO, taking the festival to numerous venues in Manchester, such as the Victoria Baths. 2010 first MANTIS call for pieces which received 186 submissions from all over the world. 16 works were selected including achtung! future! - a science fiction movie by khmfn.



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