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cutting off nose!


A film full of cruelty, morbidity and eroticism.
Karl-Heinz Mauermann shows a video.
The performance will be musically accompanied
by double bass player Christoph Kammer
and also commented live by the author.
A cinematic performance, rather than a film.


The story is that of a number of persons discovering the dangers of seeing too much. If too many images find their way into one's head, the head will burst. One must beware of this!
Men are introduced who deliberately cause their optic nerve to rot. Information on a sect celebrating flagellant orgies is offered. The myth of Teflon being a side product of space travel is questioned.
However, the best method for the prevention of seeing too much is: Cutting off nose!

Karl-Heinz Mauermann
works conceptually. He designs a systematic order for a chaotic world and to this end uses the visual arts, occasionally transgressing into the borderline disciplines of literature and music. The media he utilises extend from drawings to collage, computer graphics, room installation up to video, to radio plays and performances. In his works, he extends the traditional definition of art, by defining the conception and realisation of exhibitions as another aspect of creative art work.

Christoph Kammer
as a decided proponent of the dogma "Music without noise is a picture" (F.B. Müller, Darmstadt 1989), forges ahead the amalgamation of divers art forms into space- and time filling comprehensive works of art, whose occasionally quite vehement effects may simultaneously cause bewilderment and boisterous hilarity among the audience. His special attention is devoted to the works of the French composer Guillaume de Machaut and the folklore group "Los peinteros de Lunes".
He studied double bass at Folkwang Hochschule Essen, played and plays for the theatre and its audience, lives and works at Kunsthaus Essen, where in January 2010 he established the ongoing Monday jour fixe show now titled Montag Tontag (in 2010: evening sonx), a series with performative elements, in which he himself now and again hits the stage, apart from his many performing guests.

In the series evening sonx at Kunsthaus Essen, khm + klangkammer worked together for the first time.


Performances: cutting off nose! on stage