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Der kleine Tierfreund (en)


 Little Animal Lover


Der kleine Tierfreund (Little Animal Lover) does homage to the fictitious Dr. Motzkuss, who, many years ago, vanished from the public consciousness. This video is intended as a monument to him.

Motzkuss, who once upon a time put an end to the delusion of humans and animals standing in opposition as a matter of principle, which theory consequently necessitated the fighting of animals, gave out milestone signals in his method Motzkuss, as opposed to Macht Muckel mausetot (i.e., Persecute Pets!).

The three parts of the video, Maul- und Klauenseuche (Foot- and Mouth Disease), Streichelzoo (Children’s Zoo) and Nur für Erwachsene (Adults only) describe cause and result of these happenings.



director/script/camera/editing/sound/music: Karl-Heinz Mauermann
speakers/actors: Manfred Springer, Christian Paulsen, Rolf Kohrs, Stefan Thienenkamp.

Germany 2007, 17:45 min., Farbe, DV






first performance