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SCHWANENMARKT 1 – Laboratory for Art & social Research has been serving its present purpose sinc 2019. A kiosk (+ public conveniences), derelict since about 15 years and situated right on the edge of Bochum’s inner city, is being transformed to a site for innovative, participative and experimental art-, research- und education  projects. A project by Matthias Schamp, artist, Dr. Stephan Strsembski, art historian, and Helene Skladny, professor for aethetic education. The Laboratory opens with the event

Foto: Marleen Steinbrich

Karte: Matthias Schamp

Die Mauer muss weg! (Down with the Wall!)
09. November 2019, 1900 hr
30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall  – while the German federal president, in a speech at the  festivities at Brandenburger Tor, Berlin, was yet  exhorting people to pull down new walls, here at Schwanenmarkt action was taking place and a  breakthrough achieved: there is now a hole between the former kiosk and adjoining public conveniences.

In 2019, while SCHWANENMARKT 1 was undergoing transformation, khm  produced the video ›Dreams!‹ at the kiosk serving hatch. It was first presented at Die Mauer muss weg!