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Gefahrenhinweise II / Beware of Danger II

In the second part of the trilogy Gefahrenhinweise, metaphysical questions are addressed.

As in the first part, man is introduced as possessing a spirit of exploration. However, man is also alone. "I want help." - "Can you help me?" Again and again this same question is asked.

Will those sky-soaring, electricity-conducting rural subscriber lines hep to achieve contact? Is there any help to be found in the mystical atmosphere of the church of 'Maria Stein', a site of pilgrimage? Are there any models one might and ought to use for orientation?

And above all: How can one escape the danger?



Actors: Karl-Heinz Mauermann, Christian Paulsen
color / 14.30 min. / 1997

Gefahrenhinweise II is part of a trilogy.  Beware of Danger I / Beware of Danger III