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slow interaction II [video]


In 2010, when the Ruhr was Cultural Capital of the year, it started under the name of ›kiosk alarm‹. 2016 the bass clarinet ensemble ›Die Verwechslung‹ enters into its fifth year of unorthodox series of concerts/performances, by now under the name ofl  Trinkhallen-Tour-Ruhr. 17 vending kiosks all over the Ruhr, either of them for a single night, are being transformed into stages for contemporary improvisational music. Art exchange, the possibility of unheard-of experiences, the transgression of stylistic barriers and an open dialogue with the audience are central to these events – pop meets free jazz, avant-garde encounters trash, post-dramatic theatre collides with down-to-earth reality – absolutely unpretentious and dedicated to the moment.

Trinkhallen-Tour-Ruhr in the ›living-room of the Ruhr‹: ›Die Verwechslung‹ are telling their stories, where usually people tell their own.

Die Verwechslung: Florian Walter, Felix Fritsche & Lutz Streun – bass clarinets; Sabine Niggemann – photography.

Since 2013, khm and Florian Walter have been working together in video/sound performances.s.

On 30 July 2016 
An experiment: by manipulating the space-time-continuum within ›Trinkhallen-Tour‹, khm tries to slow down saxophonist Florian Walter in front of cigar-shop Gerhardt, Duisburg.


The video is art of the programme of blicke 24 – filmfestival des Ruhrgebiets.
Thursday, 24 November 2016, Endstation Kino, Wallbaumweg 108, 44894 Bochum,

slow interaction II

| 2016 | 9‘09‘‘ | HD | experimentell | DE-Premiere
Karl-Heinz Mauermann, Essen
Musik: Florian Walter