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videoversion: das verrückte Kind / maschinenpark / marrakesch medizin (en)

the mad child / engine park / marrakesh medicine

khmfn | videoversion: live

music: frank niehusmann
images: karl-heinz mauerman


"Live" is the title of a CD by sound artist Frank Niehusmann, a title suggested by the frequent international live performances of these compositions. The work encompasses electro-acoustic music, noise music, musique concrete, in all of which Frank Niehusmann, since 1978, has been gaining both experience and acclaim. He created sound plays, and compositions of electronic music, for radio-, film-, video and theatre productions, besides staging sound installations and concerts in Germany and abroad.

[The] compositions in "Live" present fascinating, partially alien, partially familiar sonic worlds in an exuberantly alive, 'industrial' and, so to speak, almost image-like format; they yet again prove Frank Niehusmann's mastery of the amalgamation of electronics and acoustics of machine and man.

55. Ausgabe, 18. Jahrgang, 2. Halbjahr 2003


animation for: das verrückte Kind / marrakesch medizin / maschinenpark


These compositions were not intended as, and therefore are not, film music. Accordingly, the co-operation with image collagist and media artist Karl-Heinz Mauermann, who with Niehusmann performs as the duo khmfn, did not result in video clips or music films. Mauermann rather found congenial, associative pictures, like sudden flashlight, for Niehusmann's music.



Eva Hollstein, Petra Hollstein, Anna Kerkhoff
first performance:

SEOUL, Korea - November 9th, 2003:
performance of "videoversion: the mad child" at the
Seoul International Computer Music Festival;
"videoversion: the mad child" is a audio-visual work by khmfn
(khmfn are Karl-Heinz Mauermann & Frank Niehusmann) with
music by Frank Niehusmann and video by Karl-Heinz Mauermann;
the music in "videoversion: the mad child" is originally released as
"Das verrückte Kind" - (a part of the work "Schnitt!")
on the CD "LIVE" by Frank Niehusmann;

*** more about the Seoul International Computer Music Festival:
Korea Electro-Acoustic Music Society

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