Maschinenraum – on stage


Maschinenraum / engine room

engine room was first publicly performed
at Maxis – International Festival/Symposium of Sound and Experimental Music
ISCRiM (Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music),
University of Leeds, GB, 2003_04_01

Video: khmfn: maschinenraum (documentation)





khmfn gives
a lecture at Metropolitan University, London, 2003_10_30
and demonstrates engine room



khmfn appears live at the symposium
The State of Affairs: Exploring the Relationship Between Visual and Sonic Arts
organised by the Sonic Arts Programme, Middlesex University



This symposium aims to engage artists and theorists working within the sonic and visual arts, and those moving in-between, to discuss the state of the relationship between visual and sonic practices. In particular this symposium calls to engage in a critical re-thinking of this relationship in terms of conventions of presentation and distribution, concurrent technological developments, issues of teaching and, crucially, issues of theorisation and aesthetics.

The invited speakers introduce and debate their own art practices and research in reference to the relationship between sonic and visual arts. The practice and theorisation of these two ‚modalities‘ or ‚materialities‘ are scrutinised to consider the sources and consequences of their distinction. Issues of context and disciplinarity are central to these discussions, as are notions of space, time, conceptualisation and valuation.

The programme includes presentations of papers, performances and documentation of artists‘ own practices. There is no one particular aim to these proceedings. Rather, the intention is to bring together and survey concurrent opinions and ideas rather than problematise one particular issue.The assumption of the organisers is that there is an ever greater proximity between sonic and visual works, and that this proximity generates questions regarding the status and identity of either practice.



Invited Speakers

Hayley Newman is a London based artist who works predominantly in the modality of performance art.

Dr. Rob Stone is interested in relationships between audition, visual art and urbanism in different historical and poetic contexts.

Prof. Peter Rea is based in London and Bremen, Germany, and is a long time consultant in Lebanon. Throughout his career he has explored the relationship between sound and image, hearing and seeing, performance and graphics.

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer based in London and New York working in the field of sound- performance- and installation-art.

Cathy Lane is a composer, sound artist and Programme Director for courses in Sound Arts and Design at the London Institute.

Karl-Heinz Mauermann is a German based artist who works in the field of conceptual art. He describes classification systems for a chaotic world, utilising not only the visual arts, but also crossing the borderline towards literature and music.

Frank Niehusmann is a German based artist and composer. His compositions in electronic music are situated in the contexts of live performances, mixed media events, experimental videos, tv-films, radio broadcasts, theatre- and CD-productions.

Salomé Voegelin is a Swiss artist based in London. Her practice encompasses single screen and installation video work, sound pieces, radio productions as well as text based work.



Performance in Stuttgart, Musikhochschule, 22.11.2003


khmfn zeigen Maschinenraum auf Einladung von Peter Rea im Rahmen von
magnificient 7th, profile intermedia

international conference about
design | art | music | communication | fashion | film | digital media | video | photography | architecture | performance
3 | 12 | 2004




Maschinenraum / engine room was performed by khmfn
at Foldback Sound Festival, London, 2006/08/04